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Original Interior Restorations

Is it the car of your dreams? Was it your first car in high school? Was it your father’s or grandfather’s car passed on to you? Whatever your passion, we can restore the interior back to the way it looked when it was new!

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Classics and Antiques

Original materials such as mohairs, broadcloths, bedford cords, brocade cloths and leathers are still available. We can match these original materials and colors and duplicate the original stitching design.



Muscle Cars

The great American muscle car era lives on. These are still the most popular cars to restore. So whether you’re driving your car to a car show or just to the burger joint, we can make it look right.








Sports and Exotic Cars

Driving a sports car with the top down on a nice day loses some of it’s luster when you’re sitting on worn seats. We can restore not only your interior, but your pride and joy as well.



Luxury and Everyday Cars

It doesn’t have to be a classic to warrant restoring. A clean interior in great condition makes you feel good about what you’re driving, especially if it’s your daily car.



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