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Dashes and Steering Columns

The searing effect of the sun may eventually take its toll by fading, cracking or warping your dash pad. We have a variety of solutions based on the condition of the dash, the specific model, and your budget. Dashes may also be customized in many of ways as part of a complete custom interior.

Replacement Dash Pads

For popular restoration models such as Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, and most of the old Muscle Cars, premolded reproduction dash pads are available to completely replace your old pad.




Repad and Recover Existing Dash

Reproduction replacement dash pads may not be readily available for vehicles that are not popular restoration models. In these cases we can strip down the existing dash, rebuild the padding and revinyl the structure. In the case of a highly contoured dash, skillfully stitched seams may be required to shape the vinyl to the pad.




Re-Leathering Exotic Car Dash

It is not uncommon for the sun to shrink the leather on a Ferrari or Porsche dash. If this occurs, we can remove the dash structures, strip them down, repad them and reskin them in new leather with the original French seam stitched design. The fiberglass substructure can also be repaired if necessary.




Dash Redye/Repaint

If a dash pad is not cracked, but is merely faded, we can redye it to restore its original color. We also often change the color of the dash as part of a complete custom interior. The gauges and controls are masked off, and in some cases the windshield is pulled to gain greater access to difficult angles.In addition to redying the pad on older cars, we can also repaint the lower metal fascia, steering column, and metal base structure under the pad protruding forward toward the base of the windshield.




Spot Repairs on Dash Pads

If the dash is in good condition, except for a very small crack, puncture wound or cigarette burn, in some cases it is possible to fill the crack and dye over the repair.









Molded Plastic Dash Covers

Vacuum molded ABS plastic dash covers are an economical solution to hide or prevent cracked dashes for many models. They install over the existing dash pad with silicone glue, require no instrument removal, and can be dyed to match. These dash covers come standard in black, but are available from the factory precolored in standard SEM colors. If one of the standard colors will not match, we can custom mix and coat with the correct interior color. They are beveled around the edges and once installed it is actually difficult to detect that there is even a dash cover in place at all.

For models where these molded plastic covers are not available, or as an economical way of protecting new dashes, soft dash covers are also available. These covers are made out of either a carpet or velour textured material which is presewn to the shape of the dash. They are available in several colors and easily velcro into position.


In-Dash Audio/Video/Navigation Systems

The most convenient time to upgrade your system is while your car is in our shop for other interior work. We offer a range of options: from modern audio with classic faceplates to the latest combination satellite/CD/DVD/navigation system with flip out flat screen display.


Integration of Gauges or Audio/Video Systems

AutoMat can custom modify the existing dash to integrate additional gauges, audio/video or navigation equipment. We maintain a factory look with sculpted fiberglass and foam, wrapped with a custom sewn dash skin.


Custom Fabricated Dash Boards

We can design and fabricate a custom dashboard to include your custom gauges, switch panels, audio, video and other hardware.



Under Dash Custom Treatment

For street rods or older custom cars which have unsightly wiring below the dash area, we can create custom upholstered panels to mount from the lower dash to the firewall to hide the wiring and finish off the custom look of the interior.




Rewiring Dash and Steering Column

Older cars often have dried out, corroded, chaffed wiring which creates shorts and other electrical problems. We can solve issues like dash lights being out, gauges not working, etc. It especially makes sense to save labor costs by addressing these problems while the dash is already disassembled for reupholstery.





Dash Restyling Kits

A wood dash adds richness and class to the interior, while carbon fiber or brushed aluminum add a custom race inspired look. Door panel, armrest and console trim pieces are often also included on complete kits. A variety of materials, colors and styles are available for most recent models. Molded dash kits are now also available for models with contoured dash faces.




Windshield Sunscreens

This is another protective measure for your dash and a way to prevent excessive heat build up in your interior. These screens are custom fit, high quality, easily fold accordian style and have a silver reflective outer surface.



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