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Boat Canvas, Cushions & Carpet
Boating is a wonderful experience. The sun, the sea, the fresh air, the freedom. . . but you, your passengers and your boat interior require protection from the elements and maintenance of comfort.
With our large experienced crew and vast resources we can get your boat work done with the utmost quality, as well as completing it in a prompt, reliable fashion.

It is naturally best to accomplish your boat work during the off season, but if you are looking to get it done during the season, we will work with you to help minimize any downtime.

We can create your necessary canvas from scratch, remake it using your old one as a pattern or repair your existing canvas. We tailor the finest sunbrella, coated sunbrella and other high end coated materials to ensure looks, fit and longevity.

This is the most important canvas in your boat. It shields you from the sun and occasional rain. These tops can be made for you to sit under, snapping to the windshield and with a flap for you to unzip and stand up through, or high enough for you to stand under. This option is naturally determined by your framework.

This is the canvas which zips to the back of the top and slopes back to the transum. The aft curtain can also be the back wall of a bridge enclosure. It can be used just as a mooring enclosure, or it can be made with windows and zippers to be put in place when the boat is in use during inclement weather.

This is the clear plastic window unit which snaps from the top of the windshield to the front of a raised bimini top.

These are the clear plastic window units which create the sides of the top enclosure. They are removable and usually installed for cooler weather. These can range from small wedge shapes on small speed boats to large curtains on fly bridges.

These covers are made to protect just the center console/instrumentation area on center console boats.

These covers zip on over and protect the folded down, rolled up sail along the boom.

These covers are custom made to cover the specific boat and usually have a separate pocket for the outboard engine. They will either have bungey or grommets to allow you to tie it down. Although economical universal covers are available, our custom covers are the right choice if you want a superior quality material and/or a specialized custom fit.


This is the cover which protects the boat's open area when it is not in use. These generally snap to the top of the windshield, but can also be made to cover over and snap to the bottom of the windshield. It will also snap along the sides and back to the transum. Mooring poles to help prevent rain from pooling on the cover are also available.

This is like a mooring cover, but just covers the open bow section.

If small problems develop with your existing canvas, but the damage does not warrant complete replacement, we can generally repair it. This may include sewing seams back together or patching holes in the canvas, replacing broken zippers or missing snaps, and especially replacing clear plastic windows which have become hazy or cracked.

Most of the canvas work we do is on boats which have existing top frames. However, if your boat has no top or frame at all, or if the original one is damaged beyond repair, we can create the frame work from scratch.
We can naturally also supply all of the proper mounting hardware for your new top, or to replace old damaged or missing hardware.



Our highly skilled staff of expert upholsterers are happy to handle your cushion work regardless of how big and complex to how small and simple the job may be.
We can duplicate an original upholstery design, customize or upgrade the look, change the color scheme, just do a repair, or create cushions from scratch.

These seats may range from highly bolstered, wrap around buckets with wild color and stitching designs on high end power boats, to a simple, flat, white backrest and cushion on a typical cruiser.

This is the most common seting set up in small to mid sized boats. These seats can be upright for two people or slide down into a lounge.
Although it may be more economical to purchase new seats than redo your old ones, new ones are generally smaller, not necessarily a matching color, and are of less quality than the original set up. This is why we often reupholster the original back to back seats.

These seats which sit against the transum usually consist of a cushion and coordinated backrest. Some have wrap around armrests.

This would include other seating areas such as bow cushions, the seat in front of a center console, the cushions on each side of a rear engine housing, and the additional seats on a fly bridge.

These are the upholstered sections on the walls of the boat. They can be very long, single units or multiple piece units. They can be elaborately designed with multiple colors and stripes to match the seats or plain and simple.

This is the large, padded, upholstered panel which covers the engine and acts as a sunbathing bed. These are usually striped to match the seats.

This is the structure which covers the inboard portion of the engine (also known as the doghouse). It is usually padded and upholstered and sometimes has carpet around the lower base.

Cabins naturally come in all different sizes, shapes and trim levels. Commonly it is these V-Berth cushions which we recover and they can range from 2 - 12 in quantity in any given cabin. We can recover them in exterior grade vinyl or sunbrella, or in a variety of solid or printed fabrics. These cushions can also be completely made from scratch.

On any cushion job we do, we offer the option of reusing the existing foam or replacing it with new foam. New foam will naturally be more comfortable, hold the upholstered shape better, and help eliminate any old musty smell.
Any wood structure which has become rotted can also be replaced with marine grade plywood while we are working on your cushions and panels.

Eventually your boat carpet may fade and wear out, or you may just want to change the color. From state rooms on yachts, to cabins on cruisers, to cockpits on speed boats, we can supply the right type of carpet whether it glues in place or snaps into position.

This type of carpet is available in either a thick, cut pile texture or a multi-tone, heavy duty loop texture. The backing has a durable, ribbed rubber design which is emblazened right into place.

These mats can be cut to shape, have a finishing edge of binding sewn on, and snaps installed. We can base the design on your original, trim them from your paper pattern or dimensions, or tailor them right to the boat.

These would be small removable protector mats or long roll up runners, usually cut out of the matching carpet, which would protect high traffic areas on the boat.

Unlike snap down carpet, this marine carpet has a more flexible backing and is intended to be trimmed and glued into position and not be removable (until it may need replacement years later). This carpet is available in 6' and 12' widths in a variety of grades and colors.

With the summer heat and salt air, the ceiling and wall coverings inside cabins will eventually begin to sag or stain. We can rejuvenate the look of the cabin by replacing these materials. Foam backed vinyls and wider, more stretchable, fuzzy textured materials in a vaiety of light colors are available for you to purchase by the yard or to have us trim and glue directly to the boat.

Cars are not the only thing we can add high fidelity sound to. We can install AM/FM/Cassette/CD/MP3 music capability to your boat, with outdoor speakers, and now even satellite radio as well!


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