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Other Specialty Services


For those who truly take pride in the appearance of their vehicle. A neat, clean, shining car definitely says something about you.

Our exterior detailing service consists of power washing, compounding, glazing and simonizing the paint, cleaning the rims, dressing the tires and rubber trim, polishing the chrome, degreasing the engine, and cleaning the glass. Most minor scratches and oxidation in the paint will disappear, and the finish will be restored to almost new condition.

Our interior detailing service consists of vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpet and trunk as well as the cloth upholstery, cleaning and conditioning the leather seats, cleaning and dressing the dash, doors and other trim, cleaning the interior glass and deodorizing.

If an excessive mildew or other malodor persists, we can also treat your interior with an ozone machine which charges the air particles in the cabin to penetrate more deeply than surface deodorants.

So whether your paint is dull and dirt stained, or your interior has been abused by your dog, kids and cargo -or whether you just simply love your vehicle sparkling like new, our detailing service is for you.


Window Tinting

Tinting your windows will give your vehicle an extra sporty look. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent the sun from excessively heating, fading and damaging your interior.

Several shades of tint are available, from subtle to near black out. Knowing people outside can’t really see you inside will give you a feeling of privacy and mystique.

If you have a convertible, we can even provide a tinted rear plastic window to coordinate with side window tinting.





Dent Removal

Parking lot dings can drive you crazy, especially on a fairly new vehicle. Now you don’t have to resort to the expense of a body shop or learn to live with those small annoying eyesores.
Our dent removal service is “bondoless” and “paintless.” We gain access to the damaged area from behind and skillfully massage the metal outward until it virtually disappears.


Sunroofs and Moonroofs

Let the sun shine in! Manual pop-up sunroofs offer that airy feeling at an economical price. They can vent open and are completely removable.
Power moonroofs are one of the great luxuries we can add to your automobile. Special features include one touch open, a sliding sun shade, automatic closure when the engine is turned off, venting and partial or full opening. For smaller curved roofs, outside sliders are available, and for specialty models, fabric slide back roofs are available.
All sunroofs and moonroofs are factory quality and guaranteed leak proof.



Pinstriping and Graphics

From classics to customs to everyday vehicles, adding pinstriping to your ride just may give it that final touch it needs. We are not talking about stick-on tape; our striping is hand painted and colors are hand mixed so each job is custom done to your specific taste.

You may choose the basic double line on each side or add a third or fourth line. You may also have the striping continue onto the hood or trunk. To really set your car apart, we can do your monogram on the doors, custom geometric designs, or any type of small personalized art you may want, like musical notes, butterflies, characters, etc.

For custom cars we can also add hand painted accents to the inside of the car such as pinstriping, initials or art on the dash or doors, as well as adding color to the molded in factory logos on the steering wheel or dash.
For sporty cars we can also add racing stripes and other types of slick graphics either hand painted or as removable vinyl kits.

For street rods and other custom show cars, we can add the ultimate accent - flaming out the paint! This can be done either as hand painted traditional flames or ghost flames.

For commercial vehicles such as tow trucks, flatbeds, delivery vans, buses, tractor trailers, etc., we can also provide the company name, address, phone number and logo art either as removable vinyl or hand painted on with eye-catching artistic flair.


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