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Trunk Carpets & Liners

Your trunk should not be an overlooked area of your car when redoing your interior. Bare metal or flimsy, stained trunk liners may be what most people are used to, but a refurbished trunk can make an amazing difference.

Complete Trunks

In restoring or customizing a car, trunks should never be overlooked. Sometimes a place to store junk in an everyday car, but in a specialty car, a fully finished trunk will make an incredibly beautiful statement and evoke an awe inspired reaction among viewers when the lid is popped open.

Complete trunks consist of the bottom contoured mat, side walls, wheel well covers, hinge covers, back of the rear seat wall, behind the tailight wall, the spare tire cover, and if desired, the lid. For bare trunks, trunk boards are carefully cut to fit snugly into place. They are then wrapped in various grades of carpet, trunk lining material or printed vinyls. For trunks with pre-existing boards, these boards can either be recovered, or if they are warped they can be duplicated. The end result is a show quality trunk, which you will be proud to display as a spectacular addition to the overall appearance of your car.

Trunk floors in older cars may
also be rusty. If this is so, we can scrape and rust
proof the trunk interior prior to installing the complete
lining. (See Trunk Floor Pretreatment)



Trunk Floor Only

In some cases there may only be a bottom trunk floor piece that needs replacement. It is common, for example, to have the mat replaced in carpet in older import cars, and in printed vinyl in older American cars. Whatever the application, it is clear that a neat, clean, fresh trunk makes for a much better appearance than an old, smelly dirty trunk.



Trunk Floor Pretreatment

Just as with the main floors of cars, trunk floors can be rusty. If this the the case, we can prep and rust paint the floor prior to covering. We can also patch any rot holes in the metal. For additional heat and sound reduction, we can also line the trunk surface with Dynamat prior to covering.



Trunk Protector Mats

For those trunks which have been redone, or newer
cars with trunk floors in good condition, we offer protector mats to keep the trunk floor safe from dirt or spills. Carpet protector mats are padded and are custom fit to follow the dimensions of the specific trunk, they are available plain, or for specialty cars, especially show cars, personalized with names or logos.

For many everyday cars, a molded vinyl “tray” style protector with a large lip is available to really guard againts that gallon of milk from the supermarket spilling over.


Custom Audio & Video Enclosures

When the trunk is to be loaded with speaker boxes, subwoofers, amps, TV's, game players, etc, we can cover these parts in custom designs or in materials to match the trunk or the interior. We can also craft the cabinetry to look like an integral part of the trunk instead of just an out of place box sitting in the trunk.



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