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Glass Services

Replacing chipped, delaminated, leaking or cracked glass is certainly another integral part of an auto restoration. “I can see clearly now...” is more than just a good line from a song.

Windshield Replacement

Replacing the front windshield, which is prone to the most damage, is naturally the most common glass work done. Although we can replace the front windshield of any later model vehicle, our specialty is replacing the windshields in older, more difficult and rare specialty model vehicles.



Rear and Side Window Replacement

In addition to replacing front windshields, we also replace door, quarter and vent windows, mirror glass and rear windshields. Again, our specialty lies in being able to accomplish more difficult tasks such as cutting new door glass for classic cars, removing and reinstalling carriage roofs to be able to replace a back windshield, and replacing broken convertible glass, etc.

Also see Convertible Top Windows


Windshield Removal and Reinstallation

For some interiors restoration jobs, such as replacing the headliner in an old Mustang or VW, replacing the leather on the dash of a Porsche, or redying a faded dash, it is necessary to remove the windshield to gain proper access to do the work. If the windshield is still in good condition, we can then reinstall the same windshield.

Windshield Resealing and Gasket Replacement

If the windshield glass is in good condition, but the gasket is dried out and cracked, or if it is simply leaking, we can replace the gasket and/or reseal the windshield. Naturally, the best time to replace a gasket is when we are already replacing the windshield.

Another troublesome situation is on older cars, when water gets in and around the windshield causing the metal framework to rust and rot out. If this occurs, we can remove the glass, repair the metal framework, and reinstall and reseal the glass in the restored framework.

Windshield Stone Chip Repair

For windshields with small but annoying chips that have not yet spread as cracks, we can generally fill in the chips with a substance that is almost completely unnoticeable and avoid the expense of windshield replacement.

Door Window Alignment

On older convertibles, in addition to installing a new top and realigning the top frame, we often also need to align the door and quarter windows to each other and to the top frame.

Any car with a leak problem, for that matter, may require a window alignment. To accomplish this we must remove the interior panels and make necessary adjustments from the inside.



Window Function Repair

If your side windows are not functioning properly, or if they have stopped working altogether, we can diagnose and solve the problem. Whether it is a bad regulator, a broken roller, a separated track, a dead motor, a corroded switch, or just a lack of lubrication, we can make the windows work properly again.

Van Window Installations

For full sized vans we can install anything from a small porthole window, to door windows, to a roof vent, to large side windows with screens and sliders.




Window Tinting

Tinting your windows will give your vehicle an extra sporty look. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent the sun from excessively heating, fading and damaging your interior.

Several shades of tint are available, from subtle to near black out. Knowing people outside can’t really see you inside will give you a feeling of privacy and mystique.

If you have a convertible, we can even provide a tinted rear plastic window to coordinate with side window tinting.


Sunroofs and Moonroofs

Let the sun shine in! Manual pop-up sunroofs offer that airy feeling at an economical price. They can vent open and are completely removable.
Power moonroofs are one of the great luxuries we can add to your automobile. Special features include one touch open, a sliding sun shade, automatic closure when the engine is turned off, venting and partial or full opening. For smaller curved roofs, outside sliders are available, and for specialty models, fabric slide back roofs are available.
All sunroofs and moonroofs are factory quality and guaranteed leak proof.





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