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Dyeing & Small Spot Repairs

Leather or Vinyl Refinishing

If your leather is faded, or if it has subtle surface cracks showing discoloration, but it is not too torn or dried out, then we can recondition and redye your seats.

We can dye them the same color or completely change the color. This will be more economical than complete reupholstery and does yield beautiful results. If necessary, we can also replace one or more leather panels in a seat, which are exceptionally cracked or torn, and then dye the balance. We can even dye seats with contrasting piping as found in a Rolls Royce, as well as other items such as your leather jacket or furniture.

Other areas of your interior which may become faded can also be redyed such as door panels, armrests, steering wheels, dashes, consoles, shift knobs and moldings. When redyeing a complete interior or combining it with seat upholstery work, we can restore the original look of the interior or create a totally custom look.



Burn & Small Cut Repairs

Accidents happen, such as cigarette burns, minor nicks and stains, cuts from loading cargo, etc. When the damage to a seat is minor, we can generally spot repair it without having to remove and replace any of the upholstery.

To repair cloth holes, we fill them with a pasty substance. Matching colored fibers are then blended into the hole and feathered out. High friction areas and patterned cloths do present a problem though. For these damaged sections it is generally better to replace the cloth.

To repair leather and vinyl damage, we melt in a pasty substance. We then heat, sand, grain and dye the repair to blend it in. Small damages in door panels and dashes can also be spot repaired

Although the nature of these repairs is not 100% they are generally good enough to warrant their more economical aproach.



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