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Pinked Over Range Rover

'04 Range Rover

The question was:

Can we convert this brand new Range Rover to hot pink, inside and out, for a big rap star to enter in a celebrity car show in just two weeks?



And this was the answer!



The first thing we did was gut the interior and then send the body for paint. By the time the truck came back we had the interior components done.



The stock interior was parchment.
It had to go.




We stripped the seats down and reupholstered them in pink. We also recovered the lower seat control housings, center console and side trim.



The door panels were also disassembled and recovered in pink. Certain components were dyed pink to match. Pink carpet was inserted behind the pocket area.



The rear seat area posed just about as much work as the front.


The rear seat and panels -successfully pinked out.


Another view of the completed rear area.



With all the sophisticated factory wiring, the dash presented it's own complications.

We had to remove the upper and lower pads to work on them, keeping the electronics intact. After recovering the dash componets in pink we had to carefully reinstall them and be sure all the wiring was hooked back up correctly.



In addition to the dash and console, the floor carpet was also gutted out.

New, hot pink carpet, including floor mats, were custom trimmed into the vehicle. And extra heavy duty sound reduction padding was installed.



The cargo area had plenty of carpet to be replaced as well.


In addition to the deck carpet, we also replaced the carpet on the tailgate, side walls and seat backs.


Now things are looking up.


To convert the ceiling to pink, we had to remove the entire headliner board, sunshade, overhead console, visors and trim panels. After recovering them, they had to be reinstalled like factory.

A view of the rear passenger headliner area.



So there it is, two weeks, on schedule - some serious pink hip hop.


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