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Material Descriptions and Yard Goods

(Click to Download revised mail/telephone order AutoMat Materials Descriptions and Yardage Prices 2006 retail price list 226K .pdf file to be viewed with free Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview [most likely already on your computer])

(As of 1/1/20 please add 50% to all prices to calculate accurate retail. Automotive related businesses may be entitled to wholesale discounts upon submitting proper credentials. Discounts vary by item and material type.)

1. Nylon Cut Pile
2. Nylon loop
3. Dynapile
4. 80/20 loop
5. Nylon Dense Pile
6. Tweed Loop
7. Tuxedo Loop
8. Grospoint
9. Daytona
10. Trinidad
11. German Velour
12. German Loop
13. Porsche Sliver Knit Fur
14. Hargarn Wool
15. Velvet Wilton Wool III
16. PG Blend
17. Jag PLP
18. Wilton Wool I





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