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Why You Should Do Business With Us

Choosing a Shop to do Work on Your Car

So, you have decided to have work done on your auto interior or top. But who should do it? You might call around to find the cheapest price. You may figure you’re going to wind up with the same end result anyway, so it doesn’t matter who you use, right. WRONG! Value is what counts. This means quality work at a fair price. Sometimes when you just go with the cheapest price you don’t save money, you waste money, and time, because a job may have to be redone properly. Or you just end up living with something which is less than what it should be.

Going to a shop simply because it is the closest one to you is not always the wisest choice either. It’s not like your’re just picking up a pizza at the local pizzeria. If the job is special, it is worthwhile to make the drive to find the right place. Not all shops are created equal! When choosing a shop to do your work, it is wise to visit the shop.

Check out their professionalism and the quality and nature of the work being done. Like a good restaurant, a good trim shop is usually very busy. Also, check out their reputation, how long they have been around, and see who recommends them. If the job is big enough, you may even want to check them out with the better business burreau.



Many shops unfortunately are not very professionally run. They are usually one or two bay, sloppy garages with one to three people trying to do what they can. Often, if a problem arises, a nonreputable shop will not necessarily take care of business, but instead either GIVE you the business, or be OUT of business! There is a difference. AutoMat Co. has been IN business since 1956. We run the largest, most reliable, recommended and professional automotive trim shops in the busy New York Metropolitan area.

We carry $3,000,000 in garage keepers liabilty in a safe, secured, 12,000 sq.ft. facility. We are fully staffed with an expert, knowledgable crew and offer a tremendous resource of products and services to accomodate you.

We have created hundreds of award winning interiors, been recognized in numerous magazines, have had many celebrities as clients, but most of all, have serviced thousands of satisfied members of the trade and general public such as you.
Our pricing is competitive, our service and quality of work is excellent and we are certainly worth the drive for you to come visit us.




Choosing a Supplier to Order Parts From

Once again, the cheapest price does not always mean the best deal. Not all products are created equal either. Poor quality workmanship and materials means a poor end result. We offer only quality products to our customers.
AutoMat Co. also offers the largest selection of replacement carpets in the world. With our vast resources we have also been able to assemble the largest selection of ready made seat upholstery, seat covers, convertible tops, headliners, floor mats, etc. in the business. This gives you the convenience of one stop shopping.
We also install all of our products, as opposed to just sell them outright, like most parts-houses do. Because of this, and since we have been in business since 1956, we are able to offer a greater level of knowledgable service and special technical expertise which other suppliers cannot.



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