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Why You Should Fix Up Your Vehicle

• Make It Look Better
and Make You Feel Better

A worn top, a sagging headliner, torn seats, stained, ripped carpeting, etc. are all eyesoars. Repairing or replacing these things will make your car look better and make you feel more proud of what you drive.



• Create Something Personal and Unique
For many people, their car makes a statement about themselves. For some, stock is fine, but for those who wish to customize, we offer anything from personalized floor mats, to 2-tone leather interior conversions, to wild custom interiors for street rods and show cars.



• Provide Greater Comfort
If your seats are uncomfortable, we can rebuild the padding, add adjustable lumbar support, retrofit seat heaters, etc. all with the intent of making you more comfortable for your daily drive.



• Restore Proper Functionality
If your seat frame is broken, your convertible top doesn’t work, your top is leaking or you can’t see out the fogged back window, we can repair or replace these items so you can once again experience the proper function and enjoyment within your car.



• More Cost Effective Than
Buying a New Car

Fixing up your old car so it looks and feels better, especially if it still runs good, is still far less expensive than buying a new car. These days, this is a more important point than ever.


• Increase Resale Value
If you are selling a car, you will certainly get more money and have any easier time selling it, if you repair or replace the various eyesoars which give the impression of a car in poorly kept condition.





• Maintain Sentimental Value
America has a love affair with the automobile. For many, their car is their pride and joy. There are numerous intrinsic reasons why people restore special automobiles,for example, it was their first car in high school, it was their father’s or grandfather’s car, it was always the car of their dreams...

Three of our favorite recent stories are as follows:

One customer, as a boy, drove up to the country every summer in the back seat of his uncle’s new ‘57 Cadillac convertible. The boy loved the car so much that his uncle left it to him in his will. He recenty brought the car to us for restoration.

P.S. The vanity plate reads UNCLENORM.

Another customer brought us a ‘48 Nash to restore because he was actually conceived in the back seat!

Finally, perhaps the best story, which you may have seen on the cover of L.I.’s Newsday in June of ‘02. This customer, after hearing for 40 years, about the ‘56 Buick his father wishes he never sold, went out and found the same model ‘56 Buick. He had us restore it to look just like the car his father had. As a fabulous surprise, he gave it to his father as a present, on Father’s Day.


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