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Other Convertible Top Components & Services
It is always best to have your car inspected to determine what other related parts you may need for your top restoration.


The support straps which run front to back, on each side, under the top, attached from bow to bow.


Well Liner

The black vinyl pocket in the well/trunk area which the tops sinks down into.


Side Tension Cables

The cables which run along the edge, under the top, and help keep the top taught, primarily above the door windows.


Tack Strip

The stripping which is installed into the top frame allowing the top to be stapled to the frame.


Top Boot

This covers the top when it is folded down, either snapping or clipping into place.


Rubber Weatherstripping

The very important rubber which attaches to the top frame creating a wind and rain seal.


Frame Hardware

Various components such as latches, bows, bolts, etc.


Frame Painting & Lubricating

While the top is stripped, this is the ideal time to scrape, rustproof, paint and lubricate the frame.


Frame Alignment

Ocassionally, frames need to be adjusted. This is also best done when the top is off the car.



Top Motor/Pump

When an automatic top stops working, it is usually the motor/pump which drives the fluid to the pistons/cylinders which needs to be replaced.




These parts actually drive the automatic top frame up and down.


Hydraulic Lines

They deliver the hydraulic fluid from the motor to the pistons and back.


Hydraulic Fluid

Generally, when a motor is pumping but the top is working very slowly, it is because there is air in the lines. They will need to be bled and have more fluid added to the system.



Some models have a lined layer of padding between the top and a headliner. Sometimes just the padding lining needs to be changed.



Some models have a separate headliner which can be reused with the new top or replaced.



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