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Mobile Electronics

Old cars generally still have old, poor quality sound systems. Newer cars generally do not come equipped with adequate electronics to satisfy the enthusiast. Unlike the typical stereo shop, we at AutoMat, have the unique ability to combine our expertise in interior restoration and customizing with a full range of high end, expertly integrated, sound & security products to truly enhance your driving experience.

Sound Systems

In upgrading your sound system we will tailor your job to the specific layout of your car, your wish list of components, your desired level of power and naturally your budget. We offer top brands such as Kenwood, Alpine, MB Quart, JL Audio, etc. and can set up systems ranging anywhere from a simple head unit and a pair of speakers to a show stopping, award winning, awesome sounding, visually spectacular custom audio-video system.


Radios & Speakers

You may choose from AM/FM radios with cassette, CD or digital music players. They may have detachable or hideaway faces, be satellite ready, and may have auxiliary inputs. They come with varying levels of output wattage power and sophistication of features. Higher end models have visual displays with touch screen controls, and to step up even further, you may choose a unit with a built-in motorized screen which can play DVD movies and provide navigation.

Speaker systems may consist of upgraded, direct replacements in factory locations, component systems with separate tweeters, or supplemental speakers installed in areas where they did not exist before. Again, our specialty as interior experts lies in our ability to skillfully integrate your new sound system into your car using matching materials, grille cloths, perforated leathers, fiberglass molding, custom cabinetry, etc., creating a beautiful factory or high end custom look.


Subwoofers & Amplifiers

To boost the volume level of your system with clarity, especially in convertibles and loud engined cars, you will want an amplifier. For a standard system, the amp can be hidden under the seat or in the trunk. To really round out the heavy base sound in your music you will also need a subwoofer in addition to your new speakers. Combo amp/subwoofer boxes can be wired into your trunk, but for extra heavy, pounding base, particularly in a show car, you will want multiple subwoofers, and multiple amplifiers. These are usually integrated into your car in custom enclosures which we hand build, and can be beautifully displayed with Plexiglas, mirrors, neon and coordinated custom upholstery.


For Classic Custom Cars

Naturally, the best time to upgrade your audio system is when we have your car apart, redoing the interior. Although the audio system can be done at any time, this is the most cost effective way to allow us to best integrate it into the interior. With a custom interior, it is naturally desirable to see the new, high end digital stereo in the dash and the high tech speaker grilles in the doors and deck.


For Classic Restoration Cars

If we are restoring your classic car interior, you may want to keep the factory radio in the dash to maintain the original look. This does not mean you have to sacrifice quality sound. We can hide a new, high output stereo unit with CD player in the glove box which can be controlled with a remote pointing at a small remote eye mounted under the dash. If there is no glove box, it can even be secured under the dash or under the seat. Another option is to install in the dash a new custom radio with an original old style shaft dial look in place of the factory radio.

In addition to nicely integrating the radio we can also install new, high output speakers in the car so they are not noticeable. In place of the single mono speaker in the center of the dash, or the top of the rear seat, we install a pair of small round stereo speakers. Likewise, we can under mount 6”x9” speakers below the rear deck without the grilles showing. Speakers can also be mounted under the dash as separate enclosures and behind panels with a small perforated area to allow for sound flow.


CD Changers

In addition to having a cassette or CD drive in your dash, we can also install a multi disc CD changer in your trunk or elsewhere. You will be able to control the changer through the proper radio which we can install if you don’t already have, or with a remote.


MP3 & iPod

The digital revolution is here. If it is your thing, we can install a radio which is able to play MP3 formatted discs. If you want to play our iPod in your car, we can provide an auxiliary input to plug it right in.


Music Kegs

Ever thought of driving cross country and not hearing the same song twice? A music keg can store approximately 5000 digital songs and can be mounted in your trunk like a CD changer.



A good antenna is vital for good reception. If your CDs or cassettes play well, but you get a lot of FM static, we can install a new antenna. If your antenna is good but you’re upgrading your radio, we can wire the antenna in to your new system. Of course, to ensure best performance, it is best to replace everything in one shot. Power antennas which turn on and off with the radio are naturally the best. With older cars and some specialty applications, however, there may be no room to mount a power antenna or it may not be original. In this case we can mount a mast antenna or a custom antenna hidden under the fender well or dash.


Satellite Radio

No commercials, no talking (unless, of course, you want to hear Howard Stern) and the type of music you want - that’s what satellite radio is all about. Many cars come equipped today with satellite ready radios. With this, we just need to install a receiver and you’re ready to go. If your radio is not satellite ready, we would also install a separate controller or we can install a new, upgraded radio which is satellite ready. Portable satellite radio systems are also now available which allow you to transfer the unit from your car to a special small boom box so you can listen to your satellite radio at the beach or the park.


Mobile Video

Can you imagine how great it would be on a long ride not to hear the kids say, “How much longer? I’m bored, when are we going to be there?”

More and more vehicles are coming from the factory with integrated entertainment systems for this reason. We can install a system in your vehicle and give you a more peaceful ride as well.
The most popular setup is an overhead, drop down, wide screen unit with a color coordinated shroud and courtesy lights mounted in the headliner of SUVs and mini vans. These can even be mounted in vehicles which have moon roofs. Another great setup is to integrate the monitors into the back of the headrests. This can be done for two or three rows of seating. Monitors can even be mounted in the sun visors with some careful, expert upholstery work. With these systems the VCR or DVD player is usually mounted under a seat or is available as an integral unit with the monitor.

The latest, most high tech systems allow us to mount audio/video monitors in the dash as factory style replacement units of the radio. These combine radio/CD/DVD/navigation with either a motorized hideaway wide screen or a large fixed double din wide screen all with touch screen controls.

To hear the audio of the movie, we provide convenient wireless headphones. This allows you to still listen to music up front and talk while the kids listen to their movie. We can also set up a switching system which allows you the option of also playing the audio through the sound system of the vehicle if the kids are too young to wear headphones. As a further option we can also set up auxiliary inputs which will allow the kids to play video games on the mobile video screen from their Playstation, Game Cube or Xbox. Hey, sometimes whatever it takes for peace of mind!

For show cars, mobile video can naturally go way beyond keeping the kids entertained. We can set up systems with large wide screens and multiple monitors dropping down from the ceiling, in the headrests, the visors, the dash, the console, the door panels and even the hatch area, trunk and trunk lid.






Now, you no longer have to rely on maps or a copilot with a bad sense of direction to lead you to where you are going. Systems vary in size, features and integration. The least expensive unit would be a small, portable system which would sit on top of the dash. The next level would be a unit hard wired in with a larger screen mounted on a stalk next to the radio console. The better versions are units which mount right in the dash/console area making them look factory. The most versatile systems combine replacement radios with CD, DVD and navigation capability utilizing motorized screens. The higher end systems also feature touch screen and voice activation controls.


Back Up Alarms

One of the slight drawbacks of the SUV and mini van boom, other than gas prices, is that it is sometimes difficult to see what is behind you while backing up. This has even resulted in such tragic stories as children being run over in their own driveways.

Several levels of backup alarms are now available to help alleviate this danger. The most basic setup is simply a steady beep whenever the vehicle is put in reverse. This, however, only really lets someone behind you know that you are backing up. The better system is one in which we install 4 or 5 sensors in the rear bumper. This is far superior to a two sensor system. As you are backing up, the sensors detect how close you are to any object and beep faster and faster as you get closer and closer. As an additional feature, we can also mount a small digital readout screen in your dash area which will display how many feet between you and the object.

For those who really want to see what’s behind them we can install a backup camera with a small color video monitor mounted on the dash, or in the sun visor or as part of the rear view mirror. If you have one up front, the backup video display can even be patched in to your entertainment video screen.


Remote Starts

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get into your car on a cold winter morning and it is already warmed up, or on a hot summer day and it is already cooled down? Well, you can!

With the press of a button on your remote from inside your house or office you can start your car. The range is usually over 100 feet and the signal can go through windows. The lights will flash to visually let you know the engine has been started and it will even shut off if you don’t get in the car after a certain amount of time.



Security/Alarm Systems

Protecting your car and the valuables in your car is always a good idea to make you feel more comfortable and it will also help reduce your car insurance premiums.

When installing security, it is important to use a top of the line system to ensure it works properly when you need it to. Features include keyless entry, active or passive alarming, valet mode, ignition kill switch, shock sensor to detect impact or glass breaking, a high decibel siren, alarming of all points of entry including doors, trunk and hood, and motion sensors to detect being rolled or lifted by a tow truck or jack.

An LED light, alarm chirping and your advanced remote will tell you if your system is on, if any zones are open, or if any zones were violated while you were away from the car.


Alarm/Remote Start Combo

An excellent, convenient and cost effective setup is for us to install a combination of a security system with a remote start system for you on the same remote.


How would you feel if your car was stolen? If it is a specialty car with sentimental value, insurance dollars could not replace it. Lojack Vehicle Recovery System is the most effective way to get your car back if thieves do steal it.

Lojack is a small box well hidden inside your vehicle. Your car and VIN number are registered with the police. If your car is stolen, you report it the system is activated. A radar signal will then emanate from the Lojack unit. The police, who have the radar tracking devices in their cars and helicopters, then hone in, find the car and hopefully arrest the thieves.
Because this is so effective, over 90% of cars reported stolen with Lojack are recovered within 24 hours. This is usually before the car is stripped and wrecked. In addition, you may receive up to a 25% discount on the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy. Check this with carrier.

Lojack is yet another way to give you peace of mind of knowing your car will stay protected and will remain yours.

Lojack Early Warning

As an added sense of security with your Lojack system, we can add Early Warning. This is a small, signal emitting unit added to your key chain. Once you are a certain number of feet away from your car with the unit, the system is activated. If anyone tampers with your vehicle you will immediately be notified by phone. You will be called by Lojack at home, at work, on your cell or at whatever numbers you provide, until you are reached. So if you’re in a restaurant, a club, at work, shopping or even sleeping, you will get a heads up right away that your car may be in trouble, instead of finding out about it possibly hours later.



For a custom look to your dash and increased ability to monitor engine performance we can install various types of specialty gauges either as factory replacements or supplements integrated into the dash, console or pillar.


Horn Upgrades

Most factory horns these days are adequate but for some types of vehicles you may really want to let them know you’re coming. We offer horn systems ranging from 18 wheeler sounding air horns for trucks, to ahooga horns for antiques, to horns which can actually play preprogrammed sound effects and songs for custom cars.



A great effect for a custom car is to add the glow of neon. We do this in the interior of the car by strategically installing small tubes primarily below the seats and dash. The soft glow of color adds that extra touch to the look of a custom interior. For the outside of the car we install larger tubes under the bumpers and side rails. The subtle glow of neon at night below the car is especially striking. Neon comes in several colors and is also available in a versatile color changing system.


Power Window and Door Lock Conversions

You no longer have to be without these modern conveniences if you have an older car or a later economy oriented car.

To gain power door locks we add actuators in your doors which are controlled from the outside by a keyless entry remote on your key chain and from the inside by factory style switches mounted in your door or console.

To gain power windows we add units to power your regulators and interior switches to control them. A remote to control your power windows is optional.

For street rods and other specialty cars with shaved, that is, no exterior door handles, we can install remote controlled power door and trunk poppers. We mount switches to open the locks on the inside, and for these types of applications, we also mount an external hidden switch in case the remote is misplaced, and battery terminal extensions to recharge a dead battery if the hood is not able to open.

Hands Free Cell Phone Kits

For your safety and the others around you the law now says you cannot talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time. But we all know how convenient it is to be able to communicate while mobile.
The answer is to have us install a hands free cell phone kit. We mount a stalk with a cradle to hold your specific phone. The phone remains portable. A microphone is wired by your sunvisor and voila’, you’re hands free.



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