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Door & Trim Panels

In addition to reupholstering the seats, the door and trim panels are normally upholstered to complete the look of the interior.

Original Panel Restorations

To maintain factory appearance the original materials and original stitching designs would be used. Chrome trim would generally be polished and transferred to the new panels, and the armrests would be recovered. For models with garnish moldings above the panels, these moldings can also be refinished.




Pre-assembled Replacement Panels

For popular restoration models such as Corvette, Camaro, Mustang and other muscle cars, original molded door and quarter panels are available pre assembled and ready for installation. In addition, most necessary components can also be replaced on the doors, including handles, window cranks, emblems, chrome trim, weather seals, armrests, etc.





Recreated Panels

Older model cars have flat door panels with bolt on armrests. If the boards under the upholstery are still in good condition, we can reupholster the existing panels. However, most of the time these panels become warped, cracked or deteriorated. In these cases the boards are remade, holes are punched and mounting hardware is installed. Where applicable, the curved upper supports are transferred over to the new panels.




Custom Interior Panels

The custom look of the door panels should typically match that of the seats. A wide variety of designs and materials can be used, especially on street rods where the large flat panels allow space for creativity. We can incorporate flames, geometric shapes, sculpted patterns, embroidered logos, two-tone colors, Recaro cloth to match Recaro seats, etc. Carpeted door bottoms may be reshaped to add to the custom look. Billet style and custom armrests and handles are also available.

Also see our Custom Panels Photo Gallery




Rear Quarter Panels & Trim

In addition to redoing the door panels, we can also naturally redo the balance of the interior side wall trim to match. This includes the rear quarter panels which are the walls next to the rear seats, the rear ash, well, piston and armrest covers which are common in the older convertibles, the front lower kick panels, the pillar post trim which is common in older sedans, the back bulkhead wall which is common in most older sports cars and so on.




Door & Side Panel Sound Proofing

A very popular option to reduce noise from door vibration and give the interior a more solid, quality sound -Great for listening to music. Helps doors close with a "thunk" instead of a tinny sound. Of course, the best time to install noise and vibration dampening material behind the panels is when we already have your panels off for reupholstery. Sound proofing is also strongly recommended for the floor.






Leather Panel Insert Conversions

For cars with cloth interiors being converted to leather, we also recover the cloth inserts on the door panels to match the seats. This looks especially nice when we coordinate a two-tone insert on both the seat and the door.





Custom Wrapping Molded Panels

Particularly for newer, high end, show cars, the look of the factory molded door panel is not enough. To further set the car apart from the pack, in addition to custom covering the seats, we can also custom cover the molded door panels in leather, suede, or other exotic materials & combinations. To achieve this, artful stitch work is done to the leather which is then laminated over the stock molded panel to create the final custom look. As an added touch, embroidered logos can be applied to the custom leather work as well.




Partial Panel Reupholstery

In many cases, sections of the factory door panels develop problems. One of the most common is cracked armrests in American cars of the '80’s & '90’s. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can either spot repair the crack, install a molded armrest cover, or most commonly, repad and recover the armrest in new vinyl.

Sometimes the vinyl on the insert or top of the panel shrinks or wears. This vinyl can either be heated, stretched & reglued, or it can be replaced.

Another common job in older cars is to replace only the door bottom carpet. This carpet often becomes tattered or faded and is ideally replaced to match the floor carpet.



Molded Plastic Replacement Panels

Manufactured from vacuum formed, molded ABS plastic, these unupholstered, replacement panels, as well as armrest pads, are available for many older pickups and SUVs. Lower half molded panels with integrated armrest areas are also available for certain older American car models.



Power Window & Lock Conversions

For most cars which have manual roll up windows or manual locks, we can convert these functions to operate via power switches and remotes. For street rods with shaved handles we can also install power remote door & trunk poppers.Van,




Motorhome & Bus Walls

Most older conversion van interiors looked great when they were new. Unfortunately, many were made with inferior materials that wear out prematurely. The side walls & other interior trim in these vehicles can all be reupholstered.




Cargo Van to Passenger Van Conversion

We can convert the entire cargo area, or a portion of it, into a comfortable quiet passenger area. We can insulate bare metal walls, create custom wall panels, cut around windows and fabricate window shrouds where necessary. The panels can be upholstered in a variety of materials to achieve a more passenger friendly appearance. Bench seats, fold down beds, captains chairs, floor carpeting and headliners can all be supplied and installed to complete the conversion.


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