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Complete Custom Interiors

You've seen rides get pimped and celebrities' cars... Now its your turn!

Customizing cars is now hotter than ever, but we've been doing it since 1956. You can bring your car to us right here on Long Island, and we can make your dreams come true by customizing your interior just like you've seen at car shows and on TV.

Here are some recent examples of jobs we've done.
Click the links for more pictures and details on each project.

Wouldn't you like to add your car to this list?

Cherry Vanilla BelAir
This car is mild on the outside,
but it's wild on the inside!



Honda Del Solarized
Better put your Man Ray shades on,
this Honda was Solarized!



Chevy SSRed
This truck was wild on the outside,
but needed style on the inside.



Art Deco Plymouth
This car needed flair inside
to match its museum looks outside.



Pinked Over RangeRover
When Barbie hits the big time,
now she knows where she can go!



Honeymooners Dodge
They thought the '20's were roarin',
but if they could only see what we did to this '29!



Golf Cruiser
Cruisin' the grounds isn't any fun if you feel like your going to fall out and hit the ground.




Ferrari Ostarossa
We did Ferrari one better,
by adding a little dose of ostrich leather!





Honda Redster
You need a little red hot leather
to put that spice back in your life.


Imperious Chrysler
JFK would be proud




MGB Mustang
Hey, haven't I seen that
interior somewhere before?



Firebird Night Ride
Turn out the lights, baby.


Yawk Yawk GrandAm
Only in New Yawk can you see
a Grand Am done right like this.



Snowed in 911
Who left the windows open
-there's a blizzard of white leather inside!



Triumph of Luxury

It may be a TR6, but it sure has
that Rolls Corniche feeling inside.





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