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Mail Order and/or Do-It-Yourself Installation

Presewn, Ready to Install, Original Replacement Seat Upholstery Covers

These covers are available for most popular, older, restorable models. If you are not local, you may order them from us mail order and bring them to another professional for installation. However, if you are handy or somewhat experienced, you can save on labor costs by doing it yourself. They do not require any sewing on your part, just installation.
We offer the largest selection of premade covers in the world!


Duplicating Your Original Seat Upholstery Covers

If your model is not listed above, it is likely an older, more rare model, or one in which we have just not yet created a pattern. In this case, we can custom make the replacement seat upholstery covers from your originals if you ship them to us. We can then ship you back the new covers for installation.





Repairing Your Original Seat Upholstery Covers

If your upholstery has a damage only in a certain area, you may ship us your original covers, we will replace only the damaged section, and ship your original covers back to you for installation.



Presewn, Ready to Install, Leather Conversion, Seat Upholstery Covers

Just as with the older, restorable models, for most models from the late ‘80’s to current, with cloth interiors or worn out leather interiors, we can supply you mail order, with prefinished covers, ready for installation.
Again, we offer the world’s largest selection of leather kits.


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