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Vinyl Roofs


In the ‘20’s and ‘30’s, the vinyl roof was generally black cobra grain vinyl laminated over a thick foam padding, mounted over a chicken wire, which was inserted in the roof of the vehicle.



Muscle Car Era

Typically, these were double seamed tops laminated directly to the metal roof with no padding. We can strip the old top, or just install a new one after the body shop has stripped and prepped the roof.



Most limos have vinyl roofs to add to their look of luxury. The challenge in replacing a damaged vinyl roof on a limo is determined by the length of the limo, the number of moonroofs, the amount of pillars or panels which the vinyl travels down, and the number of lights installed into the vinyl.



Common Cars

From the ‘70’s through the ‘90’s, vinyl roofs came in many styles. Full tops or half tops, double seamed, center seamed, no seams, or with the halo seam which is the stitching around the rear window.
For an economical installation, if the old vinyl top is just faded and not peeling, it is sometimes possible to install the new top over the old one. The prpoer method, however is to remove the old top. In doing this we try to maintain the old padding, but in some cases the padding is also bad and may need replacement.
Many colors are available. You may match your original color and paint, or choose a contrasting color to perhaps match your interior.



Removable Hard Tops


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