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Convertible Tops for All Models
1930’s - Current

As cars evolved over the years, so did the design of the convertible top. Each new era brought on different challenges in doing top restorations correctly.

Antiques & Classics

From the ‘30’s -’50’s most tops were made of cloth and had small, rectangular, chrome framed, glass rear windows.



In the early ‘50’s, more economical vinyl tops were introduced as well as more practical, larger plastic rear window curtains.



In the early ‘60’s, hard glass rear windows became popular.

AutoMat Co. can restore your top to the way it was meant to look in it’s prime.


Muscle Cars

The infamous era of the automobile -with drive-ins and make-out points the rage, almost everyone yearned for a convertible.
Today, cruising in your muscle car with a restored top will make you feel like the top dog again.





GM Scissor Tops

GM’s attempt from ‘71-’76 to create a more roomy convertible. Unrestored, they are problems. Restored properly by AutoMat Co., they are wonderful.


Sports & Exotic Cars

For many, driving a classy roadster is a dream come true. That dream can become a nightmare though, if the top is torn and leaky and you can’t see out the back window.



Luxury & Import Cars

Feel the pride of pulling up to an engagment in your high end convertible. Feel the embarassment if your top is worn and your back window is hazy.



Everyday Convertibles

Common models such as Mustangs, Lebarons and Cavaliers which are used daily and exposed to the weather throughout the year are most prone to needing top replacement.
You can maximize your convertible driving pleasure by maintaining and restoring your top as necessary.



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