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Complete Top & Window

Two Piece Design

Most American car convertibles and other popular models such as Porsche 911, Mazda Miata, most Saabs and later Mercedes SLs for example, are structured as a two piece design. The top is one component and the rear window curtain is the other. The rear window curtain consits of the window, be it plastic or glass, and the material around the window. Most later models with glass have built in defrosters.
It is always best to change the top and window at the same time. This is more cost effective in the long run, by not having to change them at two different times. In addition, the age of the materials will visibly match, and moreover the fit and function of the final job will be better.



One Piece Top with Plastic Window

Most sports cars such as Corvettes, Alfas, Fiats, MGs, Triumphs, Porsche Boxters & 993s, BMWs, older Mercedes SLs, etc. are designed where the top and plastic window are integral units. These tops are always replaced together with the window.




One Piece Top with Glass Window

Some models such as the Mitsubishi Eclipse and later model Corvettes are designed with a top and glass window as integral units. These are also always replaced together.



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