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American Car Carpets

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(As of 1/1/20 please add 50% to all prices)

Contour-Sewn Carpets

For models from the 1920’s to the early1960’s, floor carpeting is cut and sewn to contour to the shape of the floor. The pleated seams allow the carpet to flow over the transmission tunnel without wrinkling, similar to the way your shirt is seamed to take the rounded shape of your shoulder.
Generally, the carpet is made in two pieces, one across the front and one across the rear. Carpet for most other trim areas is also available including, where applicable, the rear footrest, side rails, firewall, door bottoms and kick panels.
New jute padding and sewn on heel plates are included with all carpet sets as well as a dimmer switch grommet where needed.


Molded Carpets

For models from the late 1950’s to current, the floor carpeting is molded to the shape of the floor pan. That is, sheets of carpet are put into an oven and heated. They are then placed in a mold and pressed to the shape of the floor. The carpet is removed from the mold, it cools, is trimmed and retains the contour of the floor pan, with no need for any sewn seams.

Up to the mid 1970’s, the carpet was molded in two pieces, one across the front and one across the back. From the mid 1970’s to current, most carpets are molded in one piece. This is why when a section gets damaged it is necessary to change the complete carpet.

All molded carpets also include new, jute padding and sewn on heel plates.


Trunk Carpets/Liners & Cargo Deck Areas

Don’t forget to also refinish the trunk or cargo deck area of your car. For classics, original style rubber, vinyl, burtex & cardboard with printed patterns such as herringbone, houndstooth, and various plaids
are available. Trunk mats, as well as tire covers and side walls, may also be made from plush carpeting or trunk lining material.
Station wagon and hatchback cargo area carpet is also available pre-contoured for many models. For other models, additional yardage may be ordered to finish these sections.



Choose Your Material

Over 20 grades of material are available as well as over 300 colors.

a. Original
Antiques and classics through the1940’s used various types of wool carpeting. In the 1950’s, various types of loop carpets were introduced. Beginning in the mid 1970’s and running through today, nylon pile in a range of densities has become the industry norm.

b. Economical Substitute
If you are fixing up an older model which doesn’t necessarily warrant the higher expense of an original wool carpet, you may choose a more economical nylon pile. Likewise, a nylon loop may be substituted for some of the original higher end loop carpets.

c. Upgrade
If you are building a street rod or some other show car, or if you simply prefer something better, you may upgrade to a higher quality carpet material to maximize the look and feel of the interior.

d. Carpet Material Description
See the yard goods section for more detailed information about the specific materials.



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